What we do

Create Opportunities

Our market research adds significant value to identifying opportunities, risks and pressures in both the occupational and capital markets. We design real estate opportunities with potential to generate strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

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As a developer , we bring operational expertise, industry network, local regulation grasp and efficient contract negotiation to deliver optimum real estate assets.

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Active Management

We believe income is a key driver in generating long term performance in property, providing a stable and significant portion of total returns over the long term. We focus on understanding tenants requirement to maintain occupancy and active manage of properties to deliver sustainable returns.

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Asset Classes

Our specialty focus covers the four key sectors of residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial real estate, leveraging our operations expertise to better develop and manage high quality assets.

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Asset Classes - Hospitality

We develop and manage luxury hospitality properties in prime locations with a sharp focus on square footage yield and brand asset value, through specific preference for business- oriented venues that offer non- cyclical revenue streams.

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Asset Classes - Residential

The range of residential properties that we cover are medium to large size buildings of the highest caliber, built in prime luxury locations to serve upscale tenants and high net worth owners.

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Asset Classes - Commercial

Our focus in the commercial sector is concentrated on high end office towers and retail blocks that offer the most polished fixtures and high-tech facilities to serve large corporate brands and similar reliable tenants or owners.

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Asset Classes - Industrial

With several staff accommodation properties already on our books, we concentrate on upmarket projects with solid energy- efficient design that allow for tight facilities cost control and that offer multiple leasing options for a wide range of corporate tenants.

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