What we do

Real estate Opportunities

By pooling capital from institutional and private investors, Lamar Capital is better equipped than most to seize opportunities in the ultra high-end property market. A particular preference on sustainable projects with innovative structures puts our private equity fund in a league of its own.

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Real Estate Income

By keeping our focus on the upper tier of the residential, hospitality and industrial sectors of the real estate market, our specialization allows us to generate above-average yields for our assets under management.

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Real estate Debt

Lamar Capital raised AED 300m of funding for various real estate developers as asset backed mezzanine finance. These assets collateralized by a residential assets. The facilities are for a three year period. They are of subordinate nature backed by the residential units and the cash flow from the underlying units and facilities

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Real estate International

Outside the UAE, we continuously scan the GCC region and beyond to target, identify and acquire high quality assets in the most attractive countries. Our network of partners in multiple territories keep us aware of opportunities in real time.

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